Kolbano Beach: a Beach Without Sand in Nusa Tenggara Timur

Last year on december 2015, i successfully visit one of my dreamed destination since childhood, Kolbano Beach. This beach located in Timor Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Indonesia. Why i really want to visit this beach, the reason is simple because when i was a child, people always told me that you can see Australia continent from that beach, and i believe it for 21 years hahaha.

The location of the beach is about 3-4 hours from Kupang or maybe 2 hours from Soe, my birth place. If you want to visit this beach, i think the journey will be quiet amazing, you can see “Tuak tree”in left and right side of the street, ( i don’t know, what the english word of that, but people always use it to make traditional booze)  also the environment will make you amaze, it will bring you to fell that you in africa because how similar the dryness of Timor island environment and Africa. Also i can see, the goverment really do a good job to maintain the road, only few part of the streets are damage.


And after reached the beach, i can say that how wonderful this beach, from every point you see this beach there’s no sand, only white coral peebles. The combination of white coral peebles and blue sea, make this place really different with others.


If you want to build sand castle or bury yourself in sand, this is not the right place to do it. Most of the peebles in here become main comodity for this region and local people sell this peebles to get money. This peebles already sold into java island and Bali Island for home decoration.


Also there is a unique stone, if you focus to the stone, the stone will look like human face. There are some local myths about this stone, but i can not find the real story because lack of sources about it.


More than 100 m from the beach you can also see hills, and from above the panorama of the sea will be clearly visible. The color of the sea make people want to swim here. But mostly, this is not type of beach you want to swim, the wave is really strong because in front of you is indian ocean.

I really recommended you to visit this beach if you visit timor island, the view and also the pebbles will make you remember this place.
Also maybe you can see Australia from here hahahaha.



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  1. i have visited this place just a month ago. to be honest, this beach is the uniquest beach i ever known. pkoknya keren sekali pantainya kak.. makasih artikelnya kak. seru sekali artikelnya. i love it. so helpful..

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