Project Spesification

1. Background
Augmented reality (AR) is one of emerging technology that has huge development in recent years. AR helps virtual object to be implemented or shown in real word. However, during the application the lack of realism in virtual object produce by AR, make the integration to look unreal. Sometimes the virtual object create by AR looks like cartoon and can not blend in to the real world makes the application of augmented reality still limited. To tackle this problem, I try to implement AR system using global illumination, to create a virtual object that looks like a real object.

2. Implementation Specifics
• Build the AR object using marker system
• Implement different technique like raytracing, path tracing or radiosity to see which method perform good result and better frame rate
• Calculate intersection
• Bounces/reflects off surfaces (specular, diffuse)
• Implement shading technique to create shadow effect on virtual object
• Real-time render for Augmented reality on computer screen
• Real-time render for Augmented reality on mobile device
• Vuforia to implement AR
• Unity

3. What final system will look like
In the end, the system will produce an augmented reality object that looks like a real object and can blend with the environment well, with good lighting and shading

4. Potential challenges
• Frame rates from mobile device is to low to implement global illumination
• Vuforia SDK cannot be used to implement global illumination

5. Idea for a perceptual study
To help develop perceptual study from this project, I try examining how user can differentiate real and virtual object using different type of lighting and shading. If user can not see the different between those objects, then we can see the best specification for shading and lighting to use for augmented reality implementation.

6. References

[1] Kán, P. (2014). High-Quality Real-Time Global. Vienna: Faculty of Informatics TU Wien.

[2] Csongei, M., Hoang, L., & Sandor, C. (2014). Global Illumination for Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones.


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