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Month: January 2019

Build Random Planet

In this case, I would like to build a random planet. Right now the system still needs user to build each of the planets. As part of procedural generation, I need to build unique planet that different with each other. As the result, I need to access all variable to build the planet and use Random.Range syntax to create random…

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Bagaimana Hidup di Luar Negeri Mengubah Pandangan Saya

Tidak terasa setelah 1.5 tahun hidup di negara orang, tiba saatnya untuk mulai melihat kebelakang apa saja yang telah berubah dari diri kita selama ini. Program master yang harus ditempuh selama 2 tahun mulai tersisa 6 bulan dan apakah kita sudah lebih baik dari diri kita yang dulu. Hidup di Stockholm meyakinkan saya bahwa apapun bisa dilakukan, kemampuan manusia beradaptasi itu luar biasa.…

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My Experience Built a Virtual Reality Game

This is the second project from advanced graphics and Interaction course in KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In this project we would like to explore a virtual reality environment as a game and combine it with a library called Manomotion to detect our hand gesture using phone camera. At the end, we created a shooting game, with controller is user’s…

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My First Journey with Augmented Reality

This is my first project related to Augmented Reality. I took this project as part of Advanced Graphic and Interaction Course in KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This project aims to provide small movie production with a collaborative tool which would allow them to work with animated storyboards. They are now able to edit complex scenes in real time using…

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