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Autodim: Automatic Street Lighting Dimmer

Duration: August 2015-November 2015

Electriciy play big role in human civilization in this era. However, all of the sources for electricity come from fossil fuel, and it’s not sustainable. To much electricity have been wasted by people in the city, and one thing that responsible for that is street light. In a day the average time for a street light to work is about 12 hours a day from 18.00 to 06.00, but from 00.00 to 06.00 the vehicle intensity is reduce, with this situation the street light become useless and waste it energy. We can reduce the losing of electricity, if this street light have automatic system to detect the vehicle intensity.

The Idea is develop a prototype that can automatically work to reduce the consumption of electricity by reduce the lumination of lamp, by controlling the pulse width modulation (PWM) signal in some condition. This prototype has been develop in 3 different type from 2015 and already join some competitions.

Autodim 1.0

The idea for the first prototype is using PIR sensor to detect the movement of vehicle in location, and using PWM technique generate by arduino uno to reduce the lumination of the lamp if the sensor detect no vehicle movement. By reduce the lumination it makes the environment still good and not darker for the pedestrian to walk in that environment.



You can also watch the video in

Autodim 2.o

The Idea for the second prototype, is the development from autodim 1.0. By adding another sensor which is lux sensor, i hope to make this prototype more efficient by detect the environment lux.



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Autodim 3.o

The third prototype is using same sensor and mechanism with autodim 1.0 but this prototype have huge devlopment by add new feature by connect it to internet. There are some datas collected by autodim 3.0 like lamp status and number of vehicles pass the street. This data will be send to the server wirelessly using ESP8266 device. With this feature autodim try to develop it device with internet of things concept.


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  1. Finalist Internet of Things Challenge ITB with Autodim 3.0
  2. Finalist OPPO Innovation Competition with Autodim 2.0
  3. 2nd Winner of Aplied Technology Social Innovation Competition Surya University with Autodim 1.0
  4. Awardee for National Creativity Program


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