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Basic Chemistry Learning Apps for Junior High School Students

Duration      : 3 Weeks, During October 2017
Tools            : Android Studio
Role             : Programmer
Team            : Alvin, Richard, Wawan

My 2nd paid job for develop an android app. The purpose of this app is as learning tool for junior high student to learn basic chemistry. There are several features inside the app, there are

  1. Periodic Table. This feature consists of periodic table, elements explanation and elements sorting based on type. When users see the periodic table, they can get explanation every element in the table by pressing the element name. Also, if users want to categorize the element based on type, there is a feature to sorting it in the periodic table.
  2. Memorize Technique. The problem of learn basic chemistry is to memorize the chemical element group. This app helps the student by providing memorize technique for all chemical group and drag and drop game, so student can train and learn in this app.
  3. Chemistry Formula. Give brief explanation of basic chemistry formula like electron affinity, atomic radius etc. If users press the picture, they will get more explanation of it.
The flow of the app, and the interfaces

For the code you can see in here:

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