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DC/DC Converter Using State Feedback Control

Duration: July 2015-July 2016

In the era of renewable energy, DC-DC Converter become one important part in renewable era because most of source of renewable, like photovoltaic only produce DC voltage so it need a converter to change their voltage level to another level. With the increase renewable energy especially PV, make the usage of DC Bus to connect all the renewable source become inevitable. To connect to DC Bus all source must have same voltage with the DC Bus that’s why DC-DC Converter become one important component. One of the topology from DC-DC Converter that can work in this situation is Buck-Boost, this topology have huge advantage because it can work in two mode, the first mode to increase the voltage and the other mode to reduce the output of the voltage.


converter1State Feedback Control Scheme


Hardware design

However, the usage of this topology is not enough because most of the input from the renewable source is not steady and always changing, with this condition make the open loop controller that usually use for Buck-Boost topology can not work. This condition, need close loop control that can solve the unsteady input and make the output voltage always steady. Beside of that the effect of inductor usage make the system vulnerable to the oscillation, to tacle that problem people always use resistor but it will increase losses to the system. One of control system that can help to solve this problem is state feedback controller. This controller will move the pole position of the system to the stable area and work like using resistor in the system.


converter3Pole Movement Result


converter4Comparison Controller Between Proportional-Integrator and State Feedback

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