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Design and Style of the Game

After several meetings and discussions, at the end we decide to built a combination of rhythm game and shooting game. The main idea of this game are dodge the bullet from the enemy and kill the enemy by follow the rhythm. In this project, I have task to design the small enemy, that will shoot the hero with a lot of bullet.

The plan of this game are user can choose 4 characters, and those characters have each specialization, the game will have different map, and in each map there will be different type of enemy and music.

character design
The plan for character design

For the character, I try to design the nerd character using blender software. For me using new software like blender is really challenging experience however it quiet fun when you can finish the design


The nerd character model, design from scratch

And for the enemy, I try to find free model in the internet and try to modify it by adding some detail on it.

The enemy model, before coloring

Right now, I try to add bone to the model after that we can add animation for the model how the move and shoot.


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