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English Learning Apps for Elementary School Students

Duration: 2 weeks from early July 2017

This is my first project in android environment. With 2 of my friends, we try to build an app for elementary students to help them to learn English. This app consists with 3 features, there are:

1. Listening menu that help student to learn new English word by listening to the word and see the picture of the word. This menu have several categories like animals, times, activities, numbers, people around us and months. If students get confuse with the English word, we provide a Indonesia-English Dictionary to translate the English word into Indonesia.

2. Video, this feature help student, to learn English by watching some videos in several categories. The video resources are obtain from youtube using youtube API.

3. Quiz, after learning from the material above. We make a quiz for the students to test their knowledge with 20 questions. In the end their final score will be shows to them.

Team: Alvin, Richard, Wawan

App Workflow and some of the layouts


For the code you can see in here


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