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Final Thought For Our Game and This Course

If I want to think back again, my reason to join this course is I want to join a course that provide a final project so I can build my portfolio. My experience in develop a game also very limited, I just learn to use unity for 2 weeks to develop my previous project. With very limited knowledge, I fell not confidence when Björn ask us to fill the form with our skill, every skill I just write with 1 or the lowest number for it. Then finally I got group 2, this group consist with me, Antoine, Fredrik, Tianli, Victor, Enrique. Then we held a meeting to choose which role we want to do. And then after long discussion Tianli, Victor and Antoine become the programmer because have experience in this field, me and Enrique become the designer and Fredrik become the group leader.

To be honest, my reason to become a designer because the seat to become programmer already full, so I need to become the designer to be useful for this group. Without any skill in art and drawing I become one of the designer for this game. As designer I fell pressure because lack of drawing skill I have especially when I see Enrique’s result for character drawing. Me and Enrique try to separate our job I am doing modelling for the nerd character and small enemy and Enrique do modelling for the final boss, crazy girl and other concept art.

After working for a while, we finally can found the best way to work together, Enrique will work with the concept art and modelling for the character and I am doing the rigging and weighing for the model and also working the model too. With this way we can optimize our result and also both of us do what we love. After find a better way with both designer, I think our group also have a great coders that can make all possibilities become possible. With great experience they have, they can help us the designer who don not have experience in game development before to work in efficient way and use all our model into the game. And also Fredrik as the leader manage our group very well, he puts all the deadline for us and ask about our progress every week make us have very clear target, and this is really important aspect for this group.

At the end if I want to conclude, this is the best group I have ever worked with since arrive in Sweden. Every person have their own task and talent and they give the best for the group.

For the course, It really answer what I want to get from this course. The course really suit with my learning style, because I rather to learn by myself by watching youtube for example compare to learning by listen to the teacher. Also all the guest lectures give my the perspective about game industry especially in Sweden. Furthermore, VIC studio is really open for student to do their meeting inside the studio also one important things for me, because if I see the other course, they not provided us with this facility. This facility can save a lot of time for us to find a play to conduct a group meeting in KTH and it is very important. Finally, I think all the good things about this course is the intensity and the pressure. This intensity and pressure make me need to study more to get better result for our game.

At the end I would to say thank you for Björn, my group members and all the guest lecture. Thank you very much for the experiences. I hope we can see you again in the future.

Good Luck in the Future

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  1. Jo Jo

    What an inspiring thought! Thank you for sharing. We hope you can share more of your experiences on the days ahead,

    • Admin Admin

      hahaha Thank you very much bung Jopri, I hope you also can share your experience in Korea, I am curious about it

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