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All guest lecture in this course

This course make me can meet with a lot of people from Sweden game industry. What surprise me that a lot of games I have known and like, it was build in Sweden, That is really cool. I remember play Europa Universalis, a real time strategy game in High School, really cool game because in that game we play in real world map, and try to conquer other territories. In my opinion, what make the game amazing is the real world map they use and it can increase better experience because player can imagine they are the ruler of the Kingdom. It is pretty hard to find the similar game with this style in RTS genre. The developer of this game is Paradox Interactive and it is based in Stockholm, What a luck guy I am.

Furthermore, I can see that game Industry in Sweden is really want to develop more in Virtual Reality game. Around 3 companies come to the guest lecture introduce their company and tell about Virtual Reality. This really amazing but I still do not know how the market for this game right now, because the console to play this game is still complicated not simple like other console. However, like every console that already success, maybe VR can get success in the future and who start this early can get a lot billion in the future.

I also remember the guest lecture from DICE, a studio who work with Electronics Art to develop Battlefront II, I do not want to discuss the controversy, But I am more interested about the number he gives to as and it exactly help me to imagine how huge the game company it is. For example they have 200 people working in one game and have 80000 repositories for the game. This number give me really good perspective about the industry.

In conclusion, all the guest lecture give me new perspective about gaming industry, when I started this course, I only understand about how to play game and do not have interest with the industry. But after hear a lot of guest lecture, I believe this industry is more than what I was thinking, like I can see a lot of aspects build this industry and how people in back of a game tell the true story behind the game. It gives me better impression and desire to dig more deeper in this field.


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