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Internet and children

So this is another story, i want to share. and same with the last blog i wrote, just using smartphone without make an outline, i just try write everything in my head right here right know.
Ok here i go,

Today is friday, and every friday i will have an unique ritual, that i will visit the nearest alf**art around my office. This activity i usually do because, i get longer rest time than other day.

The place quite comfortable cause all the chairs and tables the store provide are enough for 40 people. and rest in here for me, really like get our from my daily activity, no television, no laptop, just me and myself thinking and imagine anything.

after read some news, i saw a interesting news about indonesian child protection commision meet with instagrammer name awkarin. i know this girl quiet popular because all controversy she make and many children really love her, so make her as role model. from that news awkarin agree to reduce all negative content and unappropriate content and want to make more positive content.

after read that news, i just thinking how big internet impact in society and can change our culture. if we look back 20 years or 30 years ago, information that adult people get, always come from newspaper, book and sometime from television. and information that children get always can filtered by their parents so parents can control any content thier children read.

but with the huge development of internet, all behaivour that our culture already develop change dramatically. in some point internet have big impact to our society but sometime every positive impact always have negative effect. that’s why right know people can not just using old method to rid this negative effect from internet, they must also be adaptable with the changing and do some innovations to filtered all content to their children because blame the development just waste your energy.

Ps: when i write this article, there was 3 children sit down, singing PPAP song very louder and discuss about every youtubers they like, i can conclude society changing because of internet

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