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New Journey Started In Stockholm

On August 2017, I finally arrive in Sweden to pursue my master at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I came here without any expectations. Only excited with my master program in Interactive media technology. This program really new for me because it was different with my previous degree. However, lack of experiences in this field will never hold me to learn new things like design and program useful things for others.

However I will not spend my time in here only for study, let’s enjoy the capital city of Scandinavia, Stockholm (That’s what advertisement say). Before coming to Stockholm, I rarely searched any information about Sweden, I didn’t want make my expectations grow bigger and disappointed when showed that things didn’t work like what I expected. Only several things that I have know like location of my university, location my accommodation, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and IKEA. Even Swedish words that I know only IKEA and hej.

Furthermore, Stockholm really different with other cities that I have been lived during my life. For example, I never used any mass transportation to commute while living in Indonesia. Then In here, when people say let’s meet at the park, for me we will meet in the forest because gigantic size of the tree at the park. Stockholm also helps me realize that using debit card is easier than paying using cash. All those new things make me curious with Stockholm and Sweden.

That is why I try to learn and explore more about Stockholm and Sweden during my time studying in here. Right now my ambition is to find all fascinating things in Stockholm and record it in this blogs.

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