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Duration: April 2015-Present

In this twenty-first century, the advancment of informatics technology and system has pushed the realization of an information transparency in which everyone can get the access into every information more freely and more easily. But most of the information written in english language, especially information realted to do it yourself (DIY). Besides, the information about DIY can help people to decrease consumerism habit and increase people creativity. This fact opened our eyes to an idea that this is a rare business chance in which we can offer a website named which integrates all those informations and provides their needs of knowing how to do something by themselves. This culture is known as Do It Yourself (DIY). This website also provides bigger chances for people with similiarities in hobbies or abilities to connect and share any informations which are related to DIY instructions. Therefore, they also can provide instructional articles which will help others to make some DIY products.


Frontpage layout


User page layout

In the process business has already passed several steps. The first one is the process of making the website homepage that consists of four categories and one unique feature that help user write their article without thinking about the structure of their article. has also produced more than 50 articles and all the articles attract more than 11000 views to this website. In comparison with other DIY websites, has a commerce feature which provides and sells DIY raw materials for helping users in doing their DIY activities. The selling has reached the amount of IDR 3,360,000. Besides, this startup later received a funding of IDR 14,500,000 given by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.


Marketing Event


Social media followers

In the near future has good prospect to develop their business model to increase the profit by facilitating the makers and the buyers to meet, selling their original product, and making a book of articles compilation. Finally, a strong government’s will in helping and supporting digital technology business through 1000 startups national campaign by 2020 is a strong point for to strive and enlarge its influence all over this nation

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  1. Awardee IBM Idea Business Competition ITB with
  2. Awardee of Student Entrepreneur Program ITB with
  3. Gold Medalist on National Scientific Week 2016 with
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