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My opinion to all game in this course

I get opportunity to see other team present their final game. There are 8 more team present their game beside us on this course. The other game like KamiClones, B.A.M, Arrrr, Puzzle Tower VR, DOS – Defence of Saturn, Quest, Once upon a time, and Knock-off. There are no similar genre in all those game, and this make us not compete with each other.

In this post, I would like to give my personal thoughts about other game. I think they already delivery a great concept and playable game demo. However, there is some lack aspects that I believe can make their game become more great if they want to fix it.


The game that has a really good concept, you try to beat the arena by using your clone to find the better way solve it. However I can only imagine the game platform only for mobile, maybe the reason is there is a lot of similar type of game look like the design for example like flappy bird ( or other puzzle game that really fit with mobile game. However If they plan to put, to make map editor, I think it will be great for PC but they must thinking how to make people want to edit the map. is there any reward for them if they edit the map? They should find the answer for this question.


The only strategy game in this course. The idea is really unique, they try to combine a war game with football manager gameplay (, so you can get a war strategy game. However during the implementation, they get problem with the A.I and the movement of the character in the arena is not good. I think the time constraints for them to develop this game is really limited, that is why they can not maximize the A.I and then for me to develop this kind of game really will be very hard for example football manager have developed their game since 2005 ( and it will take a lot of working time to make same gameplay similar with them.


The only augmented reality game in the course. I would like to say they are rise from the ground. As we know in the first demo, they failed to deliver their game because their plan is not work properly, and they need to change the design. However in the final presentation, they can show to us their game is work properly and look very good. They bring the board game into digital world and it looks amazing, I am a big fan of augmented reality technology and fell excited with their game. There are a lot of possibilities they can explore for this game for example the eye patches.

Puzzle Tower VR

The only virtual reality game in the course. This is the only team who successfully develop the proper game in the first demo. Their idea is to build a VR puzzle game for children and every time the children can finish each stage they will fall to the next stage to solve the puzzle in that stage. This is also a game that have endless possibilities if you want to play this game, because developer can add more stages for this game. Maybe the problem for this game is he technology itself. VR console is still limited, right now only 2 million VR console has been sold in the market ( compare to 70 million consoles for playstation 4, However in the future if the console of VR not complicated anymore I think it will be easy for them to sell this game in the market.

DOS – Defence of Saturn

This game gives a really good graphic in the final presentation. The game is about tower defense but located in Saturn. Overall the game is really good especially the graphic, however we can not use bird view camera to see the location to put the object for the defense maybe is the problem. For example in the final presentation, we can only use little space to put our turrets and the enemy object can pass through our turret. If they make the enemy object can not pass our turret, maybe it will give a new strategy foe the game like build a maze using the turret for example.


A game that really depend in art and marketing to make their game can develop more. However in the final presentation I can not see the collectibles item if we win the game. I think the challenges for this game is how they can reach company or others to advertise their product in here. Because their content really depend with those sector. And working with other party to supply the content I think it will take a lot of time and more problem in the future.

Once upon a time

For me this is typical mobile game you can see in the market. However their idea to put a lot of book in the game so the game will have more story, I think it is a smart way. However, I do not know how the market for this game, if kids still like with this kind of story or not. But in the final presentation, I really like with how they present their art and character. I think it is one of selling point from their game.


The only multiplayer game in this course. When they decided to use world leader as their character, in that time I believe their game will be very good. The original game for me is already funny, you can kill other using rocket launcher and jump using the rocket launcher already give opinion the game should be funny. And when they use world leader as the character I think it complete the game. I think if they can develop the game by put more bomb or abilities, I think it will be more fun.

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