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XPAD: Smart Writing Pad and Charging Smartphone Docking System

Duration: September 2015-November 2015 This device work by using raspberry pi to make connection beetween handphone and writing pad, and arduino uno to provide charging feature in this docking system. The ide to make this device occurs because most handphone in the world at that time not eligible to use stylus to draw anything at their phone and also the…

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MVT: Mass Vehicle Telemonitoring

Duration: July 2015-August 2015 This is another Internet of things competition that me and my friends join. The competition held on october 2015, when i was in 7th semester. The idea for this project is develop a device that can monitored mass transportation speed and position using GPS and send it to the server using GPRS modul. This idea occurs…

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Autodim: Automatic Street Lighting Dimmer

Duration: August 2015-November 2015 Electriciy play big role in human civilization in this era. However, all of the sources for electricity come from fossil fuel, and it’s not sustainable. To much electricity have been wasted by people in the city, and one thing that responsible for that is street light. In a day the average time for a street light…

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