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Project Specification Solar System Generator

1. Background

There are a lot of different planets in space and each of the planet unique and different whit each other. To build a unique planet, we need a procedural generation algorithm to generate a unique planet. procedural generation algorithm is a technique to generate automatically a complex content [1].

The example of the game that uses procedural generation is no man’s sky [2]. The game gives user ability to explore unlimited planets in space. This project tries to replicate the system and give user ability to build their own solar system.

2. Implementation Specifics

  • Build a sphere from triangle mesh
  • Control planet size and color
  • Using random noise to build terrain in planet
  • Different shader color in different height terrain and ocean
  • Biomes setup based on different altitude in planet
  • Add ocean depth shader
  • Build different multiple planet
  • make the planet rotate and has orbit
  • Add procedural generation for moon and asteroid


  • Unity (Integration and build the system)

3. What final system will look like
In the end, the system will produce a solar system with unique planet and the number decided by the user. Also, the user can add asteroid and satellite to the planet

4. Potential challenges
• Different color in different altitude will be a huge challenge in this project, especially to measure the altitude.

5. References

[1] Emilien, A. Berhardt, Adrien. Peytavie, A.  (2012). Procedural Generation of Villages on Arbitrary Terrains. Springer.



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