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The Animation result with Blender

After working with the model, I finally put the animation to the model. This is really challenging part because I need to rigging (Put bone on model) and weighing the model, so the animation can work properly.

Rigging the Model

By put the bone into the model, it give us method to control how the model will move. This part is really crucial to make sure all faces in the model can stick to the each bone.

Weighing process in model

After finish with rigging, we need to weighing the model. This process will help the model body part is not overlapping with other body part. This part need a lot of effort because I should check every bone to see the weighing of each bone.

After finish those 2 process, I will move to create what kind of movement the model will produce. For the small enemy, I just make walk animation for them, because the task of small enemy model only to attack the player. For the final boss model, it needs some animation like when the boss get hit, the boss dance, the boss die, and the boss walk. And for the crazy girl character, I put several animation two similar with the final boss animation.

This is the result of the animation I design

For the crazy girl and final boss model have made by Enrique, I just put animation in both character.

Right now, we in the process to put all the art content and game mechanics into the game.


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