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Spotify Game

Duration        : 8 weeks from early September – October 2017
Course           : DM2601 Media Technology and Interaction Design
Tools              : Android Studio, Unity
Role               : Programmer in both android studio and unity, Conduct Evaluation for the Design
Team             : Fredd Duque, Harianas Dewang, I Wayan Kurniawan

This project is part of the course of Media Technology and Interaction Design in KTH Royal Institute of Technology. During this course, we try to implement double diamond design process to redesign music streaming service. In this project, we choose Spotify for the music streaming service we want to redesign. Through all the double diamond design process, we found a lot of new insights and idea, at the end we conclude to put game inside Spotify.

The idea to put game in Spotify, because while doing user interview we found that user listen to music in spotify when doing another activity, one of the activity is playing game. Then we want to give experience to the user about playing game based on the rhythm of the music they listen in Spotify. Also, Spotify has huge library of music, so users can play any rhythm game with no limitation of the music.

From this idea, we try to replicate the spotify interfaces using android studio and build the game mechanics using Unity. Then combine it into one application. So, the spotify interfaces will have new button for playing the rhythm game and tournament interfaces to make people attach to the game.

The app flow and the interfaces

For the code you can see in here: (All Part) (Unity Part)

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