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Stroop Swipe: My first apps in Google Play Store

Link to Play Store:

Finally, I am able to finish one of my summer bucket lists. What I really want to do is to put one of my apps in play store. Even though I have developed several apps during my master study, I can not put those apps in play store because most of the apps not responsive and it can break when the apps installed in different phones.

Last week, I started developing this game called Stroop Swipe. The Idea is the user needs to swipe based on color, not the word contained in the circle. Using Unity and Pixel art style, I am able to deliver this game to play store.

However, I need to wait for 4 days for the apps to appear in the play store. It seems because I choose the family-friendly option for the apps, so my apps need to have more time for the review.

To put my apps in the play store, I need to pay a one-time fee that cost me around $ 25. After that, we can put all of our apps in the play store.

Below are the screenshots from my apps

Start Screen
How to play information
The game
Game over
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