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Tag: Android

Spotify Game

Duration        : 8 weeks from early September – October 2017 Course           : DM2601 Media Technology and Interaction Design Tools              : Android Studio, Unity Role               : Programmer in both android studio and unity, Conduct Evaluation for the Design Team             :…

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Basic Chemistry Learning Apps for Junior High School Students

Duration      : 3 Weeks, During October 2017 Tools            : Android Studio Role             : Programmer Team            : Alvin, Richard, Wawan My 2nd paid job for develop an android app. The purpose of this app is as learning tool for junior high student to learn basic chemistry. There are several features inside the app, there…

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English Learning Apps for Elementary School Students

Duration: 2 weeks from early July 2017 This is my first project in android environment. With 2 of my friends, we try to build an app for elementary students to help them to learn English. This app consists with 3 features, there are: 1. Listening menu that help student to learn new English word by listening to the word and…

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