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Tag: computer graphics

Add More Noise Filter

In this part, I would like to add another noise filter so this project will have multiple filters to use. The filter we use called ridge noise filter. The function of this filter to add the mountainous effect in the continent. The filter has a similar definition with the picture below. This filter takes the absolute value from the noise. Similar to above…

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Noise Filter to Build Continent in Planet

The continent can be build using noise filter. The noise filter will give random value to the mesh position and will affect the altitude in the sphere. This function will help to build a continent in the sphere. To generate the noise, there is a script called noise.cs Noise.cs /* This file is part of libnoise-dotnet. libnoise-dotnet is free software: you can…

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Project Specification Solar System Generator

1. Background There are a lot of different planets in space and each of the planet unique and different whit each other. To build a unique planet, we need a procedural generation algorithm to generate a unique planet. procedural generation algorithm is a technique to generate automatically a complex content [1]. The example of the game that uses procedural generation…

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