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Tag: computer graphics

The Body is ready

After built the basic physics, I tried to combine those physics into the body of the ragdoll. The body will consist of several spheres that I called it a node. The idea to only use several spheres to form a body rather than human body because of the ragdoll will be stretch as the result of spring physics and it will…

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Bounce and Spring Physic is Ready

To build the ragdoll, I need to make two different physics model, the spring physics and bounce physics. The spring physics will work as the bounce and joint of the ragdoll and the bounce physics will use to make the object has effects like bouncing from the ground. Spring Physics Thanks to unity, it has provided us with spring physics. Using SpringJoint…

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Project Specification

1. Background Ragdoll is a type of physics engine that usually uses in the death scene. This physics engine contains a series of linked bodies. These rigid bodies are called “bones”. The bones are connected together with joints. Because using this system, ragdoll can be thrown around and generate their own realistic animation using physics and does not need an artist…

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