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My Experience Built a Virtual Reality Game

This is the second project from advanced graphics and Interaction course in KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In this project we would like to explore a virtual reality environment as a game and combine it with a library called Manomotion to detect our hand gesture using phone camera. At the end, we created a shooting game, with controller is user’s…

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The Body is ready

After built the basic physics, I tried to combine those physics into the body of the ragdoll. The body will consist of several spheres that I called it a node. The idea to only use several spheres to form a body rather than human body because of the ragdoll will be stretch as the result of spring physics and it will…

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Timelapse Game

Duration      : 6 weeks from early November – 7 December 2017 Course         : DH2650 Computer Game Design Tools            : Blender, Photoshop Role             : Character Modelling and Animation (Rigging and Weighing) Team           : Antoine Ladrech, Victor Kesten, Fredrik Ljung, I Wayan Kurniawan Aditya Wardana, Tianli Zhang, Enrique Perez Soler The game was created for the course DH2650 Computer Game Design at…

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