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How to integrate your Unity Program to Android Studio

This last couple days, I try to integrate my program in unity with android studio. I am not an expert in both platform but I try to learn it for my class project. To be honest, I have experience working with android studio, for me it is a really good tool to build your android apps, however if you want…


New Journey Started In Stockholm

On August 2017, I finally arrive in Sweden to pursue my master at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I came here without any expectations. Only excited with my master program in Interactive media technology. This program really new for me because it was different with my previous degree. However, lack of experiences in this field will never hold me to…

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English Learning Apps for Elementary School Students

Duration: 2 weeks from early July 2017 This is my first project in android environment. With 2 of my friends, we try to build an app for elementary students to help them to learn English. This app consists with 3 features, there are: 1. Listening menu that help student to learn new English word by listening to the word and…

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Visit Fatumnasi: Best Beautiful Scenery in Timor Island

There were many beautiful things in Timor Island that still not being expose. Bad public facility to access the site and little support from government to develop tourism facilities make the area difficult to access. Those problems made tourism site in Timor Island still untouched and the natural area make it have more charm. We want to discuss about a…

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Kolbano Beach: a Beach Without Sand in Nusa Tenggara Timur

Last year on december 2015, i successfully visit one of my dreamed destination since childhood, Kolbano Beach. This beach located in Timor Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Indonesia. Why i really want to visit this beach, the reason is simple because when i was a child, people always told me that you can see Australia continent from that beach, and…