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Tag: Game Development

Stroop Swipe: My first apps in Google Play Store

Link to Play Store: Finally, I am able to finish one of my summer bucket lists. What I really want to do is to put one of my apps in play store. Even though I have developed several apps during my master study, I can not put those apps in play store because most of the apps not responsive…

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Bounce and Spring Physic is Ready

To build the ragdoll, I need to make two different physics model, the spring physics and bounce physics. The spring physics will work as the bounce and joint of the ragdoll and the bounce physics will use to make the object has effects like bouncing from the ground. Spring Physics Thanks to unity, it has provided us with spring physics. Using SpringJoint…

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My opinion to all game in this course

I get opportunity to see other team present their final game. There are 8 more team present their game beside us on this course. The other game like KamiClones, B.A.M, Arrrr, Puzzle Tower VR, DOS – Defence of Saturn, Quest, Once upon a time, and Knock-off. There are no similar genre in all those game, and this make us not compete…

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