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Timelapse Game

Duration      : 6 weeks from early November – 7 December 2017
Course         : DH2650 Computer Game Design
Tools            : Blender, Photoshop
Role             : Character Modelling and Animation (Rigging and Weighing)
Team           : Antoine Ladrech, Victor Kesten, Fredrik Ljung, I Wayan Kurniawan Aditya Wardana, Tianli Zhang, Enrique Perez Soler

The game was created for the course DH2650 Computer Game Design at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. The motivation behind creating a rhythm based game was that there currently is a shortage of said games within the PC market. We established that this perhaps was because of the genre being out of style. However – this game aims to not only revive the genre but also revolutionize it by adding 3rd person bird’s-eye view shooter elements!

In this project my part is to build a model called “small enemy” in blender and put the animation for that model, so this model can be used in the game. Also, I worked to put animation in another model like “final boss” model and “crazy girl” model using blender.

For the other link related with this project (Webpage for the game) ( My diary post about the development of this game) (Playable Demo)

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