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And Today Is The Final Presentation

After worked and focused our mind into this project. Finally we reached the end of our journey to develop this game. Today is the day we will present our game. Like I have said in other post, our game is about combination between shooting game and rhythm game. Player need to follow the beat to kill the enemy and in the same time must dodge enemy’s bullets.

We also decided to give a name for our name. We call it Timelapse, Like many game developers, it takes a lot of time for us to decided a name for our game. We get a lot of hesitance, If the name is not good enough and try to find another name. But it will better to spend our energy to develop the game rather than choose a name. That is why we get Timelapse name.

There some preparation we have done, for example we try to put main menu and character selection into the game. By put this aspects we hope to reach our goal to make a quality game over quantity. Furthermore, we try to concentrate only for 1 playable character. Beside the time concern, we also feel this can help us to focus to make the character look more awesome.

After that we also put everything into the GDD. In my opinion, GDD is really important, it gives us a guideline to designing the game and if we find any problem regarding the concept we can look back to GDD again to solve it.

I hope our presentation today can run smoothly, and our hardwork for 1 month can done smoothly.

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