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Travel Souvenir from Italy #1

All of these photos were taken when I went to Italy in summer 2018. I remember Italy shows me many spectacular views of seascape and would like to share it on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #56: Seascape.

My first photo is my first encounter with Italian Island. The Island is Capri. When you see it from afar, you can see it as a big block of stone in the middle of the sea but when you on the Island, it is paradise.

Capri always become a good memory for me, an Island with blue Sea located in the gulf of Naples

The second photo is Vernazza village in Cinque Terre. The photo was taken during a hike from Vernazza to Monterosso. I remember the trail for hiking in Cinque Terre, always show me the never-ending seascape view.

Vernazza is one of the village in Cinque Terre

The last photo is Venice and Gondola. Sometimes I need to remember when I stayed in Venice it means you stay on the Sea.

Venice and Gondola
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    • Admin Admin

      Thank you very much for the comment, I agree Cinque Terre is really beautiful

  1. Amy Amy

    Very beautifully captured. The view from Vernazza is breathtaking. 🙂

    • Admin Admin

      Thank you for the visit and comment. I agree with you Vernazza photo is really beautiful and it was easy to take this picture in Vernazza

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