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Visit Fatumnasi: Best Beautiful Scenery in Timor Island

There were many beautiful things in Timor Island that still not being expose. Bad public facility to access the site and little support from government to develop tourism facilities make the area difficult to access. Those problems made tourism site in Timor Island still untouched and the natural area make it have more charm.

Straight line of pine trees looks like in hobbit movie

We want to discuss about a beautiful tourism site in Timor Island, named Fatumnasi located near Soe City, NTT province. Writer has visited this place for the second times on 2004 and 2017. There is no much change, the site still consists beautiful scenery and the road condition still the same. I remember from my past memory in the middle of meadow, there are tons of huge granite rock. Also, the scenery of pine trees arranges in straight line make it looks like a forest in the hobbit movie. For the road condition, still same with my last visit. It still has damage, and can makes you feel sick along the journey to Fatumnasi. Fatumnasi location is 40 Km from Soe city toward to Kapan village, you can stop by to Oehala waterfall or Kapan market to refill your supply along the journey.

One of giant granite rock you can find

During the trip, you can meet many friendly local people, and most of their houses have orange trees. For Your Information, orange from Soe City (or in Indonesia can be called Jeruk keprok Soe) is the best orange in Timor island. If you want those fruits you must buy it directly. Unfortunately, the Fruit has been sold out due to many people buy the tree when it’s still young.

The condition of road to Fatumnasi

Moreover, you can see a house that round shaped (the local people call it Lopo). It was a traditional house from Timor island. People in Timor usually use Lopo as kitchen and as food container. In Lopo there was a traditional stone stove for cooking located in the middle of the room. Because of the stone stove warm, it makes all family gather in this kind of house to get warm.

With the nature condition make this area has plenty of vegetation

When you arrived at Fatumnasi you can stop by at many random places. There are Savannah hill where you can get a direct view to all region of Fatumnasi. You can stop at the pine trees and doing picnic activity in there. If you feel tired of pine trees you can see a bunch of granite rock mix in the middle of meadow make the scenery more beautiful.

Savannah hill in Fatumnasi that you can take in photo in there

Because we don’t spend the night in Fatumnasi, we just went back to Soe city. However, if you want to spent a night in Fatumnasi, there were some good guest houses that have huge experience with tourist. You also can have opportunity to climb Mutis mountain (2458 meter above sea level), the highest mountain in Timor island from Fatumnasi.

One of lake in fatumnasi (it’s hard to find lake in Timor Island)

If you want to visit Fatumnasi, I give you big advice to prepare a good music so you can dance along the strains of Fatumnasi road.

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