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Write blog using your smartphone

ok lets start

since junior high school, i always have a dream to have my own blog, this dream came from the internet phenomena that’s people can produce money just write a interested contents every day. i start wrote my first blog using blogspot CMS, as a kid with big dream, i start build my blog with cool name something like dragon blog, or thunder blog. after found a good name, i start wrote the content and publish it. after several days, my laziness attack me and i never wrote it.

this condition always happen since i was in high school until finish my undergraduate, maybe there’re several blogs name that i start it with just one content hahahha. and right now i try to start again, cause i need to develop my own portofolio for my master degree. if only i didn’t stop wrote my blog since junior high, maybe right know my dream to poduced money from blog will be happen.

however the condition right now, little bit different because i just realize that, wordpress has it own app to write your blog. this’s really good app with allmost the features you found in desktop mode you can found in this app too. with this app you can write anywhere and anytime, and maybe when you fell really lazy to write you can just open it and start to write


it same with the desktop feature


but you will find little problem when you write with many pictures, because it will become little difficult to arrange the position of all the pictures.

eventhough it difficult but it really worth it to write anything that pass in your mind or any experience that you want not to forget, so using wordpress apps via your smartphone will bring new experience in blogging

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