This is the brief story about my education, if you not interested just pass it. I have graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung on July 2016, My final thesis research is about design and implementation DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter using state feedback control. Right now I am living in Stockholm to pursue my master at KTH Royal Institute of Technology majoring in Interactive Media Technology.

The reason I start this blog because when people ask me, what is your hobby?, I always fell difficult to answer it, so to make it easier for me to answer that question. I start this blog and with proud i can answer my hobby is blogging 🙂

Beside of that, I also get inspire with this quote

“Don’t Think Too Much, You Will Create A Problem That Wasn’t Even There”

But Limitied your mind also not the best way for thinking, so i start this blog to help me write everything in my mind right now.

Most of the content of this blog will be about technology, travelling and sometimes combination of that two that’s why this blog name is Techraveller.

I hope i can write frequently maybe 1 article every week or 2 article every week (but right know i will start with 1 article first) and the language for this website will be between English or Indonesia, it’s depend on my mood (right know most of the article still write in Indonesia, it’s easier to write the jokes too, but i am learning how to write jokes in english too, so be patient).

Before i forget, please like our facebook page or subscribe this channel because support from all of you that can make this blog still running until now.

Don’t Hesitate to contact me at : admin@techraveller.com